Olivetti Logos 27 Mechanical Calculator

Olivetti Logos 27 (not 27-2) Mechanical Calculator (circa early 1970's)

These are pictures of the Olivetti Logos 27 calculator my father owned.
This was first purchased it new in the early 1970's.

This calculator weighed 80 lbs, 12 digit math (not floating point)
was 100% mechanical and had no display.
It printed mechanically on a roll of paper.

The fun thing I used to do with when I was a child was 999999999999 divided by 0
and you could hear it chug indefinitely until the lever at the far left was
pushed upwards to the 'STOP D' position to cancel the division endless loop.

This calculator still exists today and I believe it is only one of two in existance.

These pictures were taken in late 2012 after it was found stored away for many years.